Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Music Tuesday September 18th 2012

Lots of 4th albums this week.  lots of exciting new releases. ENJOY!!!!

Rude from Dinosaur Jrs 10th album I Bet on the Sky
From Amherst Massachusetts, this is a very unique band.  Since 1984 and 10 albums of entertainment, Dinosaur Jr show up at your local music fests all year around. For example, headlined Musicfest NW Sept 8th at the Roseland.  If you missed them you can drive to Eugene 10/11 to the WOW hall to see them... 
A lil rock, a lil roll, and lots of rare usages of instruments.  I had no idea this bands new album would blow me away, nor did I have a clue how long they've been around.  I'm a fool for you, Dino

Crazytown from Aimee Manns album Charmer
I get Aimee mixed up with Allison Kraus all the time.  I think I finally know the difference.  Aimee is a songstress from Virginia who produced the whole soundtrack to the film Magnolia (suicidal).  Allison is a country girl who is on the soundtrack to O Brother Where art thou.  Ok ok.  I like Allison better, but Aimee wowd me with Crazytown as well as the title song Charmer.  The rest of her latest album is a little sad for me right now.  I want gusto and jazzy rock.  You can go to the Aladdin Theater 10/2 to hear Aimee yourself. 

Waterfalls from Dwight Yoakams 13th album 3 Pears
First, I saw that Dwight was releasing a new album and thought I'll probably skip reviewing him (like I did Kanye West and Kiesha this week).  His acting bothers me and I've heard stories about how he's kind of a jerk to deal with (could be an isolated situation, who knows).  He gave me the creeps in the Panic Room with Jody Foster, but then his role called for that character.  Not only do I love most of these songs, but I love his album art and title. Well done, you made me a country fan this week, Dwight.

Walk of Shame from Pinks album Truth about love
From Pennsylvania, Pinks been coloring our world with her music since 1995.  Alecia Beth Moore is known for her womans liberating kick your ass pop rock hip hop tattoos and pink hair.  I am sure Pink wouldn't wan't to be entirely remembered for her stint at the Moulin Rouge, but it's hot.  And Pink is a badass.  I think she's fantastic, and so should you.  

Miss Atomic Bomb from The Killers 4th album Battle Born
From our very own Vegas, The Name "The Killers" is derived from a logo on the bass drum of a fictitious band portrayed in the music video for the New Order song "Crystal" so says Wikipedia.  I love Brandon Flowers band.  Live I have had the pleasure of hearing them twice.  They evolve into their destined being, and I love it each time they produce a masterpiece for me to enjoy.  I love his voice...Formed in Las Vegas, this quartet has been entertaining my life since 2001 (actually 2004 when Hot Fuss was released in the US). They're Grammy nominated and NME award winning, collaborated with Tim Burton for their video Bones, and have entertained me live TWICE. I love this band, I love Brandon Flowers, and I've got soul AND I'm a soldier. Just sayin.

Dumpster World from Band of Horses 4th album Mirage Rock
Sounding like the 70's group that made you want to smoke weed, irocinally I think this band shoulda been a apart of the late 60's Lalapoloza bs.  
Since 2004 Band of Horses have been struggling with bandmates and direction, but have managed to continue hype and recognition. They are originally from Seattle Wa. But I got bored trying to track who are original members and who aren't. 

High Life from Nelly Fertado's 5th album Break Through
Well Nelly takes the bs away from the bullshitters this week with her High Life. Canadian, this Grammy winning songstress has been performing since 1996. I love Turn out the Lights no matter how over-played. Don't underestimate Nellys talents, she has produced a whole album in Spanish, which is impressive. You go Furtado. 

Symphony for the Devil from Rickie Lee Jones album Devil you know
Born in Chicago, made her way to Venice Beach CA by 19 and collaborated with a song writer, future chart toppers written. She's been singing since 1978, is a Grammy award winning and quite sought after in her emerging years. I had no idea she was with Tom Waits romantically. I feel like I've been missing a piece in music history not knowing that. Of course Chuck E's in Love may be her most well known hit... I downloaded this version of The Stones hit already because it would even impress Mick. 

Speakin Rounds from Grizzly Bears 4th album Sheilds
From Brooklyn, NYC and have been jammin as Grizzly Bear since 2002.  
I think I've seen them live but I just can't remember

Do It Anyway from Ben Folds Five 4th album Sound of the life of the mind
These North Carolinas crack me up! Formed in 1993, consider themselves an alternative rock band. I picked this track prior to the knowledge that the Fraggle Rock muppets are in the video!!!! Sweet Jesus!  

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