Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Music Tuesday October 30th

Twisted Road from Neil Youngs album Psychedelic Pill From Canada, Neil began his music career in 1960. This IS his second album this year, as Neil has always been a man of many messages to teach us. I've had the pleasure of seeing Neil in Hong Kong, Goldendale, the Memorial Coliseum, the Clark County Amphitheater, and Portlands own Arlene Schnitzer. However I had no idea he co-found Buffalo Springfield. Did you? Neils Farm Aid concert series with his son who has cerebral palsy was really a story production rather than a concert. Incredible talent. His film Heart of Gold of 2006 was beautiful. I'm thrilled Neil Young has so much energy and stories to share with us.  KEEP IT COMING NEIL!

Something Biblical from Andrew Birds EP Hands of Glory ( a companion to his 3/5/12 release Break it yourself)
This EP is magical.  He's never sounded more confident, clear, or stunning.  Andrew has surrounded himself with the most beautiful orchestral band that matches his voice and whistling talents.  And what a gorgeous album cover.  I'd love to be there.

Fall 4 U (feat. Glasser) from Chad Valley's album Young Hunger
From the UK, Hugo Manuel has created the moniker Chad Valley.  I had trouble finding info about Chad, but to sum up his sound I would say Wham's Last Christmas with a bit more electro-pop.  Tis the season.  He's done a much better job utilizing Tumblr than me. Check it out.   This track Fall 4 U is a little less George Michael than the rest, but probably because there is a female counterpart singing. 

Want from The Soft Moons album Zeros
From San Francisco, this punk band started in 2009. Quite the album... I think it would accompany a laser light show at the Omsi Planetarium very well.  Not my favorite release this week but I believe live, loud, and alone this album turned up playing in full would be the best way to appreciate the technique of this band.  Plus I love the Zoro album cover. you can hear them at Holocene December 18th this year. 

Safe Minds from Black Marbles album A Different Arrangement
Again, a lil electro-pop and repetitive for me, but I can welcome their flair...

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