Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Music Tuesday November 20th

I must say this week amused me. 

Zero feat. Meek Mill from Keyshia Cole's 5th album Woman to Woman
A California Grammy award winning babe has R and B'd her way to the charts. N
o, I am not familiar with her 'hits' nor do I own a single track of hers.  This album's cover art really disturbs me, but each track stands on their own which is impressive considering the material. 

Catt Boogie from Kid Rocks 9th album Rebel Soul
I forget how much I love Kid Rock. I don't want to... This album kicks ass though.  He has brought a lot of energy and talent into his record. Boo-yeah.

Fresh out the runway from Rhianna's 7th album Unapologetic
From Barbados, the world was introduced to Rhianna in 2005 with her Pon de Replay hit that summmer.  Since then, she has won many awards for her albums and hit singles, wowed us with her ever changing hair styles, and got back together with her abusive boyfriend.  Unapologetic to whom, Rhianna? yourself? 

Historia de un Amor from Il Volos album We are love
I first saw Il Volo performing as the guest appearance on American Idol a few years ago.  I nearly peed my pants. These three boys have the voices of men and the maturity that surpasses most 30 somethings.  They are all from Italy and formed in 2009.  Their most impressive fact for me is performing with Barbra Streisand this year in Brooklyn. 

A fools dance from Phillip Phillips album A World from the side of the moon
The 11th winner of American Idol is quickly shedding his reality show coat and strutting into the music world with the appropriate confidence.  I must add that he's been compared to Dave Matthews, who heard this and responded: "More power to him, I don't mind", and added "He should kick my ass, maybe I can retire and he can take over my band. I knew Phil had somethin when he turned Billy Joels song upside down.

One woman army from Kate Earls 3rd album Stronger
From Alaska, Kates a guitarist and a pianist as well as a vocalist.  I can see myself getting into this album of one could leave me alone on a studio to enjoy uninterrupted.  If you can facilitate this for me I would most appreciate it.

Le dragon de chimay from Le Vent du Nords album Tromper le temps
Thanks to Music Millennium for introducing me to this Canadian Frenchie Folk band.  I will absolutely be downloading this.  And I want to play it while on a bike in Montmatre.

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