Monday, November 12, 2012

New Music Tuesday November 6th

An Oldie, a Newbie, two Lovers and a Doobie.  Enjoy.

What could have been love from Aerosmiths album Music from Another Dimension
This multi Grammy award winning band started in Boston circa 1970 and probably in my top ten live shows I've been to.  Steven Tyler is NOT Mick Jagger, but this isn't a bad thing.  Both seem to be determined to play til they die, and the Stones got almost a decade on them (and ironically releasing their latest album next week).  This album kicks ass and you should preview it on NPR's site, as well as read the interview with Steven. 

Be a Boy from Robbie Williams album Take the Crown
From the UK, Robbie started in 1990.  He's sang some covers I absolutely love, like 'Have you met Miss Jones', 'Things', and 'Something Stupid'.   His original music is completely different from the saucy duets I adore of his.  I can appreciate his theatrics however.

Is there anybody out there? from Dionne Warwicks album Now
This Jersey girl began her career in 1962.  Burt Bacharach wrote countless hits that have been covered, recovered, movie theme songs, billboard #1s, and Grammy winning.  This is the only new track off this album,  yet it sounds classic Warwick. 

Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)  from NeYos 5th album Red
I wonder what was in the works first, NeYos RED album or Taylor Swifts.  NeYo was born Shaffer Chimere Smith in Arkansas.  He started in the music scene in 1997, but was writing music for other artists.  I always have a high regard for music writers.   This is a pretty endearing track from Ne-Yo, and I will accept his love until I learn to love myself.  Thank you Shaffer.

Ammaboa Glass from Errors album New Relics
From Scotland, this foursome started in 2004.  Bizarre electronic tails of trips I can't fathom but can report I'd like to understand and be a part of the inside joke.

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