Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Music March 13th

I appologize for yet again the delay in my posting, but I had family in town and they always come first. Shooter's my favorite this week.

Empty House from Delta Spirit's album Delta Spirit
These San Diegoians use trash can lids as instruments... They've been beating indie since '05... And this is the 'Spirits 3rd studio album. Totally moves my cheese. Intrumentally stunning and unusual, love the vocals. Wonder Ballroom on May 5th.

On My Way Downtown from Lucero's 9th album Women & Work
Lucero is an alternative country ginormous band from Tennessee that will be at the Wonder Ballroom March 24th. I'm gonna venture to say Lucero isnlt a Grammy seeking band but should be honored for their free spirited fun. I love when a band just plays and doesn't take themselves so gosh darned seriously. Seriously.

Say Anything's 6th album Anarchy, My Dear
Might as well pitch a tent at the Wonder Ballroom, Say Anything will be there March 25th. They are from Los Angeles and are described as emo. Ooooo so they erupted in the year 2000. Yes emo emo emo. Tickle me emo? Perhaps. And there is no way I am in the mood to paraphrase this interesting tidbit so here you go:
'Max Bemis was raised "in a strong Jewish environment." Many of Bemis' lyrics borrow from his Jewish roots. While most of band's earlier songs are free of any such inspiration, the songs of ...Is a Real Boy and In Defense of the Genre include references to Jewish heritage. "Alive with the Glory of Love," Say Anything's first single, has a main subject of a relationship affected by World War II and the Holocaust, based on Bemis's grandparents, while "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" includes mentions of "the old shul" and a rabbi's teachings. A strong example from In Defense comes from the lyrics of "Died a Jew". The song includes several references to the Jewish race and its history along with mentions of "the murder of God" and Bemis' departures from kosher'

Put some red on it from Spoek Mathambo's album Father Creeper
Afro beat baby. I can tell you he's from Johannesburg and is at the SWXSW in Texas (as are many artists/bands this new release blog). I can also tell you that unless my ultra chic friend from NY is taking me to a club to check em out, I probably won't ever take a second look at Spoek again... I'm just too Northwest. The music is energetic but I can't stand the lyrics. Ha.

Over the mountain down in a teaspoon from Megaphonic Thrift's album Megaphonic Thrift
Experimental rock and roll from Norway? Okay. This is the bands second album since their debut in 2011. And no, I didn't make up the track name. Absolutely instrumental and experimental. Keep having fun, Megaphonics!

Black Dog from Shooter Jenning's album Family Man.
This is his first self producing album. He's Waylon's boy, and he's an outlaw countryman. This song shows off him as a poet and as a singer. The rest of the album is equally as entertaining and unique. Well done Shooter McGavin.

Canibal Corpse's album Torture.
This death metal band has produced 12 albums since it's 1988 inception. I decided to google death metal. Here are some common adjectives: death growl, grindcore, and 'growling that is sometimes also referred to as Cookie Monster vocals, tongue-in-cheek, due to the vocal similarity to the voice of the popular Sesame Street character of the same. name.' Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
Now the not so funny news: I refuse to pick a track from this disturbingly titled album. After all, when some are called 'F*#ked with a knife', 'Stripped Raped and Strangled', and 'She was asking for it', I decided not to preview any song. My choice.

Colonial Man from Bishop Morocco's latest EP 'Old Boys
Rocking out at SXSW as I type, debuting originally in 2008. And even though they reside in Toronto, they recorded this Old Boys EP in the Netherlands at their apartment there. Cuz who doesn't have an extra flat in the Netherlands? Must make you a little sluggish over there for this is the only track the stood out as different from the others.

Body Knows Best by Anya Marina's album Felony Flats
A musical theater geek from Michigan rocking her 3rd album. Enjoy. You've probably heard her music on many TV shows in the past few years. And hey, anyone into musical theater grabs my attention.

Moments from One Direction's album Up All Night
Debut debut!!!! Winner at the 2012 Brit Awards... Peppy poppy and playful. Heads up for this band...

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