Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Music March 20th

Not the most exciting week in music. I had time to go to a few record stores to properly review the newly released, and besides The Shins nothing on my list were available to listen to. So it isn't just me that thinks the week of March 20th isn't special. Enjoy!!!

Up on high from Daniel Rossen's debut solo album Silent Hour / Golden Mile
Daniel's fame is from his band Grizzly Bear (Anne, we saw them right?). Lovely soothing voice and stunning instruments. And his gran-daddy is film director Robert Rossen, Oscar winner of The Hustler and All the kings men. Talented family...

Cinnamon Tree from Esperanza Spalding's 4th album Radio Music Society
This lil lady needs no introduction for me, she's from my town and won a Grammy for best new artist 2011. She is the first jazz artist to win the award. She's multi talented, speaks several languages, plays a plethora of instruments. Check her as the Crystal Ballroom hosts April 25th. She will get down with her bad self for ya.

Off the Wall from Lee Ranaldo's album Between the Times & the Tides
Lee is the guitarist from the band Sonic Youth. As a solo artist he still plays the same haunting guitar licks as he does with SY. I also feel he sounds like Michael Stipe... He's a writer as well as a musician.

Fisher of Men from Margot and the Nuclear So and So's album Rot Gut
First off, there is no band member named Margot. I love their sense of humor, or perhaps candidness and self-expression. Oh my. Probably the only track I'd consider buying this week. This is their 4th album since they united in 2008.

Lust and Fame from Jesse Ruins' album Dream Analysis
Perhaps from Japan? This would explain the lack of bio on the 'net. Ambiance electronic ecstasy.

Red from Lost in the Trees album A Church That Fits Our Needs Anti
Will be at the Doug Fir March 25th.
Beautiful crisp voice. And all you music lovers in marketing, I can only assume this band is looking for a rep since this is their 3rd album, are clearly touring the country, but have no easily available bio online. ?!. Please help them, I think they are lost... In trees. Yes. Yes I did.

The Neoliberal Anthem from Anti Flag's album General Strike
Punkrockers from Pittsburgh and extreme left wingers. Started their own record label (A-F Records) to support their fellow punkers. Smart. Accused of being anti-American due to their activism in class rights, human rights, etc. They can't be that bad if this is true:
'On October 8, 2004, U.S. Representative Jim McDermott gave a speech in the House of Representatives, praising Anti-Flag for their work in encouraging young people to register and vote.'
Yes, they sound like real a**holes...!

All of me from Tanlines album Mixed Emotions
This is this duo's debut album, claiming a variety of influences and genres of music. Definitely electronic pop music, seems to be having fun. Yes please and welcome to the music industry. Now about MY tanlines... I'd like to see THEIR debut.

It's only life from The Shins 4th album Port of Morrow
I decided to purchase this album for 3 reasons: I find them fantastic, they live here in Portland, and I was at Music Millennium getting my rubix cube prize and decided to give back to the local record store. They formed in 2001 but really came to surface (in my opinion) during the movie Garden State. You can see them at the Les Schwab theater in Bend May 25th.

Analog 2 from Odd Future's 4th album The OF Tape Vol. 2
From Los Angeles, and like to dabble in RnB, Hip Hop and electronic. They also created their own record label. Don't we have the entrepreneurs this week! And thank you Odd Future for the good laugh. And making sure I have a good time.

Wildfire from SBTRKT's album Wildfire
Bizarre electronic dance music..
Oh for pete's sake:
"SBTRKT is an alias used to support the concept of anonymity. SBTRKT has explained that he'd 'rather not talk about myself as a person, and let the music speak for itself. The name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from that whole process. I'm not a social person, so having to talk to DJs to make them play a record is not something I want to do. It's more about giving them a record as an anonymous person and seeing whether they like it or not. If they play it, they play it.'"

Aspirin Moon from Robert Pollard's album Mouseman Cloud
Ohhh no. So I can only assume you don't remember my review of Guided by voices, the band he's a member of. I only recall because I remember their appearance on Letterman and how utterly offensive it was. Rumor has it Pollard releases a solo album within the same time frame as Guided by voices. Why? This seems really bizarre. I only picked this song for the guitar riffs and song title. The whiney voice droning on like you are an 80's rocker from the UK but in actuality you are from Dayton Ohio. Ouch.

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