Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Music Tuesday September 9th, baby!

“Lost Coastlines” from Okkervil River releases The Stand Ins tomorrow, yet another lyrical masterpiece from Will Sheff and crew. I downloaded their song “Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe”… and it’s a catchy one. Also, I’ve been by Ringlers lately and noticed they were playing there last weekend. So when I saw they released a new album , I was intrigued… and I really ‘get pleasure’ from what I hear. I’m delighted to recommend “Lost Coastlines” to you. The band brings the sex appeal of Jarvis Cocker from Pulp, and that makes me oh so happy.

“Louie” from Kimya Dawson's long-awaited children's album, Alphabutt… It’s a children’s album. This makes total sense that Kimya Dawson made a whole record dedicated to kids. Their songs on ‘Juno’ seemed to be stolen from Baby Genius or the like. (oh shut up, I am in tune with what the kids like these days, whether or not I am having them or not!) The song ‘Alphabutt’ would never have been kosher with the parents I remember dealing with during my time as a nanny. It goes through the whole alphabet and sings about how each letter stands for something having to do with your butt, whether it be ‘doo doo’ or ‘elephant doo doo’ or ‘farts’ or ‘gorilla farts’. Cuuuute, but parents aren’t going to be happy. This is why I love it. Those adults that complained about Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and changed the ‘Whore’ sign, protesting that it wasn’t appropriate, can go suck doo doo. This song “Louie” is pretty silly, about a doggie named Louie. Awwwwww.

“Suicide and Redemption” from Metallica releases its latest album, Death Magnetic. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, like Metallica did here in this album, you get what you need: classic Metallica. There is a time and a place for this band for sure for sure. Of course the title of this song isn’t exactly ‘upbeat’, but who REALLY wants that from hardcore rockers? I enjoyed the tracks I sampled from this new album… true fans will love it I’m sure. My neck hurts just thinking about listening to the whole album…

“Helen” from Horse Feathers new album “House With No Home” This band is really unusual … and are from Portland!!! The violin and soft vocals are soothing but they trip out with their electronic devices. I’m guessing they use a module. This is a personal inside joke for my benefit only. I can’t pin down whether they are trying to be psychedelic or more like Enya… They claim to be folk / indie. Personally, the violin is an underrated instrument that should be played more often. All in all, I would love to drive during sunset with this album playing, like say towards the friggen beach. Lets go. Well you can go see them October 3rd at Holocene for the cd release party… Please don’t cry, I have plans that night and won’t be there. You are on your own.

“The Other Side” from Angela Desveaux's The Mighty Ship, This is the only song that doesn’t sound like a Sheryl Crow cover… and even with that said I am not excited about this track I was forced to pick out of desperation. Angela is totally unoriginal, even if her hero’s are Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris. She doesn’t have the balls or creativity to pull off either influence. Sorry Angela… you have a lovely voice, its just all been done before. Try something else.

“Sarabande In Pencil Form” from Calexico's new album “Carried to Dust”, . Love their song “Corona” from their album Feast of Wire. IT sounds like a mariachi band, in the best way possible!!!!! This Carried to Dust album is carried in the same vein. Perfect album for an Indian Summer, which is basically what Portland is going through this month (83 degrees today, Sept 17th!). Their use of percussions, steel guitar, trumpet, and accordion stops me in my tracks. They could be the theme band for the Alamo… a fantastic mix of Texan, Mexican, and Americana rock, clearly incluence by the great Ennio Morricone. These boys are from Tuscan, and they have embraced it. Thank you Calexico for the lovely album! One for my collection for sure. And for the record, I had a really hard time picking out one track of the 16 on the album. AND they will be playing at the Crystal Ballroom on September 27th!

“Paper Kite” from Damien Jurado's “Caught in the Trees” who played a the Doug Fir last Friday. (September 12th) Oh well I was too busy that night running round town with my lovely lady friends. Ahh Damien. Not sure what I think of his music, honestly. I think his music is something that has to grow on you. Each song has a different feel – but I don’t feel passion from his voice. Like someone said “Hey Damien, you have a nice voice. Give this a try”. Like having a model become an actress. There is no feeling, just a one dimensional character. I have been wrong before (well -maybe?!) so I haven’t completely closed the door on him. He just isn’t the next M Ward for me, just yet… Still, the instrumentals in this song Paper Kite are breathtaking.

“Oh My Sweet Carolina” from the band Portastatic's new release “Some Small History” which is a b-side and rarities compilation. Never having heard of this band before, all their songs were rare to me! Yes, I picked this track because of “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Sue me. I like this band! They are story tellers from the Carolinas, mixing alternative rock (whatever that is) with Brazilian themes (WTF?!), apparently have been playing since 1992! Huh. I enjoy the sound and the rock style, like CSNY or Steve Miller, part country. I feel like there were situations a d people that inspired these songs, and they weren’t simply written. Sometimes the lead singer gets a bit nasally for my taste, but not everyone can sing like me.

Also, Fall Out Boy, Of Montreal, Plain White T’s, Robin Thicke, and the Pussycat Dolls have all released singles this week as well. None were great, and since they are singles, I can’t exactly pick another song from the album, can I. So of all five, Of Montreals single “Id Engager” is the only one I’d consider listening to again. But I bet we will be hearing the Pussycats and Fall Out Boy’s singles the most. Yay…

Lastly, I kinda like Jessica Simpson’s duet with Dolly Parton on Ms. Simpsons new album released this week. Shhhh…..


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