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New Music Tuesday April 23rd 2013

I have so many excuses as to why I haven't continued with my music blog.  Truth is I have continued, but haven't posted.  I have been journaling and will upload it as quick as I can type "Bob's your uncle".

This particular week has a few personal favorites of mine.  Mainly Tom Jones.  But Steve Martin? Michael Buble? and what about Paula Cole?  oh shut up. Enjoy.

Tower of Song from Tom Jones millionth (ok #40) album Spirit in the Room
Mr Blue Eyed Soul, proved that winning best new artist at the Grammy's is NOT a voodoo award.  He may be an unusual pussycat, but one that lives on Aubrey Lane in Laurel Canyon.  That is right.  How does one find such information out?  Why buy Tom Jones a drink of course. (Hennessy).  Please give Mr. Jones a chance - his new album is full of blues and Tom Waits.  What a better match than Waits and Jones? What?

You're no good from Major Lazer's LP Free the Universe
All I can say is please listen.   They are a reggae/electronic band that likes to sing about bubble butts.  Ok well not so mature but I am really diggin the track I picked (hence I picked it).

Killing Moon from Ian McCulloch's album Holy Ghosts
From the UK, my punkster of the Echo and the Bunnymen has worked with a such a variety of people (you know, Spice Girls, Bowie...) .  He got his start in 1977 and to be honest I am not a huge punk fan.  I'm afraid this feeling is carrying through this review.  If you are looking for a typical was head of a rock band going solo but sounds like he never left the band or the era (1977), please click here [ _ ].

Why don't you go from Paula Cole's 6th album Raven
Paula.  I love your album art work.  It seems to me the better the art work, the worse the music.  Yes, I just typed that.

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