Friday, December 30, 2011

New Music December 27, 2011

Only 2 this week. But I'm downloading both. So there you go !!! Cheers and see you next year

Immigrant song - from the soundtrack Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, sung by Karen O, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Trent and Atticus won an oscar for their work on the Social Network soundtrack. Yes this is that Immigrant Song famed by Led Zeppelin. Who to don a magical version than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs prized lead vocal Karen O. Ooooo. Yeah. This whole soundtrack is quite lovely, actually. I bet they will land on the Oscar ballot in 2012 as well. (That's my vote, Anne.).

Together from the Brumalia EP by Patrick Wolf
I think I could read about him for hours. Baroque pop? Death metal or children's pop? Live life with a horse, man or women, why give terminology?
Love this guy. Thanks Patrick. I of course had to go listen to his other music, and the first one I found is called Tristan. Immediately enthralled. The track Tristan, is based on the Cornish legend, Tristram of Lyonesse. I feel like someone heard my prayer and resurrected the band Pulp. And since our little Patrick is 28 (passed the deadly 27) I am hoping to hear a lot more from him.

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