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New Music Tuesday December 2, 2011

Smells like another hit.

We don't have to talk about how long it's been... we don't have to talk about why.
Bursting at the seams I am here to inform you all about December 2nds (music, not stress) releases.

In true form of Aubrey's Addiction blog, I will create a playlist of my picks among the albums/singles/EP's released this week. These precious elect will be followed by my opinion, concerns, links, further artist information, photos, and a final recommendation or not to purchase the release.

Our day will come - Amy Winehouse— Lioness: Hidden Treasures
I am still devastated over Amys death.
I love her voice, I love how she played with styles, genres... These tears will have to dry on their own.... The duet Ms Winehouse performed with Mr Bennett is timeless. I read an interview with Tony in the New Yorker, and I quote "". It breaks my heart. I have tried to karaoke two of Amys songs (F*ck me Pumps and You Know that I'm no good) but no one, not even me, challenge her delivery. So with that, Amys album finale is bittersweeet for me. I will never hear something new from those pipes again, but thank you oh so much for producing a collection unpreviously released. Santa if you are listening I would love this album in my stocking (or F me pumps)....
So Our day will come has always been one of my favorite songs and was thilled when I saw Amy covered this. Just listen to it. I have already purchased this album and so should you.

"Don't kick the chair". By Dia Frampton from her new album Red
Apparently Dia was the runner up from a television show The Voice. I actually liked what I heard. Plus this track title reminds me of Neil Diamonds "I am I said": And no one heard at all, not even the f@cking chair...
Dia is pretty POP for my taste, but has a beautiful voice and the message of Its going to get better in this song makes me smile. It has to get better, right? And the album cover is adorable.

Korn— The Path of Totality -
I couldn't listen to any of this album long enough to even kind of reccomend something. I tried, I really did. Sorry Korn fans. go listen and judge for yourself.

Fix You and Its Not Unusual from Glee Vol 7.
I cry every time I hear Fix You by Coldplay. Mr Shu did the song justice in my mind, and thought the scene was shot beautifully. And yes, I cried. On the other side of the emotional spectrum, Its Not Unusual sung by Blaine made me laugh out loud and get on my feet to get closer to the tv in disbelief that Tom Jones was on. No, it was Blaine, but he performed in his bowtie and tight pants that woulda made Tom proud. I love how random Glee can be, taking songs written yesterday and 40 years ago and submerging them together onto one sublime show. I swear this series was written just for me. I also love Santanas version of kd langs Constant Craving but she's done better in my opinion (Valerie and Songbird).

Tears on my tuxedo by Robin Thicke from his new album Love After War
What a little Prince... But I can't help think of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone when they dance their el corazons out in Columbia. You know the part. Try to pretend you forgot. Thank you Robin. I needed a little RnB.
Now I must inform you who Robins parents are... Gloria Loring and Alan Thicke. Well no effin wonder. Friends and Lovers and Growing Pains, oh my!
No sign of a tour stop in Portland this year.

Little Black Submarines by The Black Keyys from their new album El Camino
I heard the NPR sunday morning interview and was definately intrigued with what was to come on El Camino. The Black Keys "Dearest" a Buddy Holly cover from and album called Rave On is nominated for a Grammy this year. ElCamino is their 7th album. I I know I've downloaded their music in the past... But my music is all locked up miles away from me so I couldn't tell ya what when or where. I can tell you this blues grassy rock band would be wonderful live... And they are coming to Portland in March 2012 at the Cumberland Civic Center. Portland. Maine that is... This song has a great mix of ballad and rock, smooth transition and a voice that can carry you through.

Kool On explicit. The Roots— undun
I can't remember if I've seen them live or not. Ha. Perhaps opening for Dave Matthews or the Counting Crows, I can't really say for sure.
So I don't like most of this hip hop 'neo soul' music. What I'm struggling with is that I really want to like The Roots. There's a magnetism to their style and track title choice. Plus there's an instrumental track by Sufjjan Stevens whom I love on this album. I wanted to choose that as part of this list but thought it would be unfair to the Roots. Therefore I chose Kool On because of the lyrics 'come get your kool on, stars are made to shine'. Like a smack down on being unpopular to being popular. Love it. Yeah that's right I earned this, now let me shine, b*@ch.

Bang Bang Pow Pow - T-Pain— Revolver
Really? Who doesn't want to hear Lil Wayne and TPain sing about guns and b*@ches? What the f*ck are you going to do? No bodys gonna stop me I'm gonna do it right now. Bang bang pow pow. The only thing I got to say is its definately taken 'Bang Bang you shot me down' written by Sonny Bono to a whole new 21st cetury level. Well thanks TPain for reminding me how hot headed us Americans have come. Now get outta my way! BANG.

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