Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Music Tuesday December 20th

Either this week sucked in New Music, or I was in a bad mood while reviewing. Enjoy.

'I do' by Young Jeezy from Thug Motivation 103′. Hustlers is their world. Not much else to add here. I almost feel cool listening to this. Then I remember I'm a tone deaf white redhead girl who's no more thug than Wooy Allen.

The Internet - Purple Naked Ladies
Wow. Never heard of this band. Kinda shocked at their audacity in track titles. Therefore am not picking one. You go take a look. Wow.

Better than I know myself - New Adam Lambert single. This American Idol loser (thank god) is making music. I hope he makes more. This song is a little pop ballad for my taste, but musically stunning, and let's face it - the boy can sing.

New York - New Snow Patrol single.
I had to listen to this a few times to decide if it was any good. Its a quiet, melancholy repetitive song. Perhaps they didn't post the best portion of the song on itunes... But I think the song could be pretty from start to finish. I love New York so I had to listen a few times. Sounds like the person missing wants to stay in NY rather than with the singer. Can't say I blame them. Snow Patrol feels like they are on a mouse wheel singing the same stuff over and over again.

Roll out the roosters by JD Band from The Rum Diary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I want this album. Any compilation that begins with Volare by Dean Martin gets my undivided attention. When I see that Johnny Depp sings on the album, I can't look away. To top off the undeniably magnetic insanity, other titles include ' Suckfish and Snake, Neon Popsicles, and Mother of Balls - all by Christopher Young.
Some other tracks are too politically incorrect to mention in this blog. Oh, and they end the soundtrack with Patti Smith.

'Monsters Anonymous' from Kevin Hearn of Bare Naked Ladies album Cloud Maintenance. This is quite the unique song... Its got monsters singing solos and a kazoo that brings the image of a Monsters Inc like character moment. Seems like Kevin is trying to break away from the kooky 90s band image of the Ladies and make a name for himself as a serious songwriter/singer. Err.. Besides the Monster song. Hmm.. I wouldn't turn it off if I heard his music playing, but I'm not about to purchase it either. Keep plugging away Kevin.

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