Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Music Tuesday February 12th!

Abraham Lincoln's Birthday.
woo hoo.
February 12th

“When I’m Gone” from Simple Plan’s new self titled third album “Simple Plan”. This isn’t a horrible song, nor a horrible album. But for me, it’s just another album made for teen-boppers. I can’t seem to find the taste for their music, yet they really aren’t a bad band. They are just one of those groups I ignore. Sorry doods. Guess I’m too complex for

“In Love with a Girl” Gavin DeGraw’s new single. I’m a fan of Gavin. He was a cutie at Bar 71 a couple of years ago when Anne invited me ton an exclusive show mid-day during the week. That was sweeeet (except for what happened later which we never mention, do we Anne?). So Gavin has only released his debut album which means this is his sophomore single introduction to his album. What’s in store for Mr DeGraw? Hard to say… this single is consistent with his previously released stuff, so I don’t think we will be seeing any new Gavin styles. That’s ok, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it??? I’m happy. So when does his new album get released? I can’t say. No buzz yet. Tell me what’s happening.

“I’m Yours” Jason Mraz single. Well well well I would never have listened to this single cuz Jason Mraz BUGGS big time, if I wasn’t into these reviews. However, this song is really charming! He doobie doobie doo’s and everything! Gosh I might even download it! Wow! I really dislike his “wordplay” and the “Curbside prophet” songs. Everyone was like “Oh that Jason Mraz is sooo great” and I was all “ewww”. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all. I’m not one to close my mind when I hear a bad album from an artist. Just like my favorite music, they can be totally different from one another - so you never know what you may like of theirs. His new album “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” doesn’t come out til May 20th. I have some time to decide if I’ll buy it or not. The title is promising, at least. Watching him is really annoying tho… Sorry Jason… 

“Run” Gnarls Barkley’s single. I am still not sick of their Crazy song. I know I know it’s totally overplayed, I don’t care!!! This is a fabulous new single of theirs. Not sure if it’s gonna be as big as their previously released singles, but it could join them on my work out mix fur shur. It’s full of energy and the drum solos are perfect, but the lyrics are too repetitive… They are releasing their highly anticipated album “The Odd Couple” on April 8th. Hopefully we will be happy with the other tracks. Me love Gnarls long time.

“The Prayer” Celine Dion and Josh Groban’s single. They have sung in separately and now the two are adjoined finally. I will miss listening to Celine translate it for Andre Bocelli, but these two were meant to sing this single together. Chances are I will be downloading this song shortly. Shut it. They are fantastic and you know it.

“Helpless” performed by Elk City, from the compilation “Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity”. Alright Neil! The album benefits “Casting for Recovery” which is a nonprofit for current and previous women with breast cancer. It’s all females singing all Neil Young on this record. My favorite is the song “Helpless” which Patti Smith also does a cover of on the album “Twelve” that I recently purchased. Elk City is on my top list right now. I like their song “Little Brother”… I don’t know who picked the artist to cover these great songs, excellent choices!! Veruca Salt, the Watson Twins, Lori McKenna, and Britta Phillips to name a few. Not artists you hear about all the time, just the way I like it. Please keep them under the radar, so they can be my special secret (besides Veruca Salt, the only band could be considered in the mainstream of the group).

“Lights out for Darker Skies” from British Sea Power’s new rocker record “Do You Like Rock Music?”. The answer is “yes, I do”. Especially from the talented folks involved with these British Sea Power-lads. Personally I think their name is too out dated. It reminds me of my Western Civ class. Now that I’ve bashed their name, I have to be honest. I really like their music. They have the ‘it’ factor, Paper Lace style (ok not really but they do zing). So they play at the Doug Fir on March 3rd.

“Love your Spaceman” from Robert Pollard’s new album “Superman Was a Rocker”. Robert is the former frontman for the 80’s ‘college radio’ band “Guided by Voices”. I’m sure this is a fantastic band and Robert is an artist on the top of someone’s list, just not mine. Who the heck is Robert Pollard? He’s 50 years old and I have never heard of him. He sounds like REM but he’s from Dayton, Ohio. This is his 19th album/EP release since 1996. Repeat after me: “Over Achiever”. “Love you Spaceman” is very late 80s indie, nothing I would turn off, yet I’m not all eager to download, either. This gets a golf clap.

“Tickle the Truth” from Widespread Panic’s new record “Free Somehow”. I’ve always heard of Widespread Panic, but never listened to them. Apparently, they are known for performing mainly covers of songs. This is their tenth album in the studio, yet I can’t name a single song they are known for! Lame me! I actually really like them!!!! Been playing since 1986, with a brief leave of absence when their lead guitarist Michael Houser died of pancreatic cancer in 2002. I love their rendition of “Crippled Inside” on John Lennon’s Instant Karma Save Darfur album. Gonna go check out more of this southern rock band’s history of music now, in a panic…

“Too Easy” from OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare” EP. This is a really striking song by this little MySpace phenomenon. I missed their album release in November (Dreaming Out Loud) and that’s too bad cuz this song is impressive. I’ve become a fast fan of OneRepublic. Very exciting. This is truly a beautiful tune. Check it. I be downloading it today. Yep.

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