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New Music Tuesday January 22nd!

January 22nd, 2008
Good week for music, I must say!

“Guessing Game” from Lisa Loeb’s new album “The Purple Tape”. It’s pretty cute, actually. It makes you want to find your old Lisa albums and stick them in the player, if you haven’t already sold them. I did. Damn. Elise? Can I borrow your Lisa albums??? Please?????? Crap – you didn’t sell them too, did you?? It’s nice to hear Lisa Loeb again.

“New York” from Cat Power's second covers album, “Jukebox”. We all love Cat’s covers. You want to get under the covers and listen real close. Cat’s brilliant. New York is magnificent. It’s exactly the cover I would have picked and the style I would do. I couldn’t wait to hear this cd, and it’s finally out. Bravo! P.S. I downloaded the whole album today. Yippie!

“Daddy Needs a Drink” from Drive-By Truckers new album “Brighter Than Creation's Dark”. Yeah this is definitely hokey and country and all that jazz, but these guys aren’t total western-wear here. They have rock and roll in their blood, just like your mom. Tier Crystal Meth song is a 180 to this “drunk daddy” song. The Drive By Truckers are very diverse, which is one of my favorite qualities in a band. Come to find out, I have them on my iPod. Who woulda thunk. Go see them this Friday at the Roseland.

“ I Never Want to Go Home” from the Whigs new crazy-sick album “Mission Control”. Ok I’m borrowing some Deeker lingo here, but it really is astounding. Sometimes an album will inspire me to have a good day, and I think that is this albums, errr… ‘mission’. My head gets lifted and my lips turn back into the smile they forgot how to create. These days I really don’t want to go home, I don’t want to face the life problems 2007 leftover on my plate. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? I’m crazy about the craft these boys distributed on this newly coveted album I will have to purchase soon.

“I want it all” from the Whitsundays' self-titled debut, “Whitsundays”. They have a witty way of the flow of their songs. I really like the music in “Already Gone” as well. It’s like the old Ennio Morricone music from the Westerns (ala ‘A Fist full of Dollars’ etc). I will be keeping my eye on them. This is only their debut – what will they have come up with in time? Did I mention they are witty? ? On their ‘sounds like’ section of their site on myspace, they claim “a soccer match in '67 between the kinks and the zombies using syd barrett as the ball.”. That’s funny shit there.

“Drop-out” from Times New Viking's news album “Rip It Off” . Yeah this song kicks. Third album since 2005. Not much can be said concerning these boys (?) via the internet except that they are influenced by “shark fucks, kickin' it, otherworldly disorder”. On that note, this a total spring break record, if I ever celebrated that holiday…

“Skeleton Man” from Evangelicals' “The Evening Descends” album. These indie-rock newbies are pretty good, actually, in spite of being from Norman, Oklahoma. This is, in fact, their second album since 2006, and it’s radical. You won’t be slipping this in the player for nap time. You will, however, be tossing it onto your new workout mix for February. Yeah, I’m not getting on the bike these days either… but this may encourage me to walk the 20 minutes to work tomorrow while bobbing my head to the fanatical Evangelicals.

“Doves Circled the Sky” from Bodies of Water's new record “Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink”. April 3, 2008, you too can experience the wonder that is Bodies of Water on April 5th. They have quite the posse of musicians. I love the old school spaghetti western music intertwined with Mama’s and Papa’s harmonizing in this track. The key here is to not be ready to label this band when you first listen to them. I am totally into them now, but more like a vulture for its prey, not some silly dove circling the sky aimlessly…

“Angels” from Black Mountain's new cd “In the Future”. Oh crap. After weeks and weeks of bad music and crappy Christmas single covers, I get hit with fantastically fresh music all at once. Damn. I went on a site I download these obscure indie songs (50 for $15 a month) and downloaded this and the previous two. These Canadians have mastered brining the 70’s to the 21st Century. Very psychedelic rock star music here. Even thought I’ve been into folk and punk these days, I can find room for the Black Mountains sound in my favorites playlist (aptly titled “Oh Happy Day.” ). They also have preserved the classic 16 minute jam from three to four decades ago that your parents (well not mine) used to trip out to.

“Who were you thinking of” from Biirdie's new album “Catherine Avenue”. This is exactly what I have been looking for: cheery, folk-rock with never a chance of being overplayed by the radio for they are from England and we are just not cool enough to be on top of that scene unless they are endorsed by MTV. This song is sassy with it’s accusation of “who you were thinking of when were making love last night?” with the circus accordion circa Peter Paul and Mary (which is ironic since this group is two guys and a girl, although none named Peter, Paul, or Mary.). I can see them fit right with the talent of the Juno soundtrack artists. You should own that album by now, by the way.

“Brooklyn Girl, you’re Gonna be my Bride” from Barton Carroll's “The Lost One” album. Even though this guy seems stalker-ish resembling that of The Police’s “Every breath you take”, you want him to find this girl and marry her. Call me gullible, call me a romantic (far from it), or call me Sally, but Barton portrays himself to be a nice, normal guy - unlike the “I’ll be watching you” bull shit (but love Sting anyhow). His steel guitar work is stunning, and his voice relaxing your senses in hopes that Spring is around the corner. Seeing that it is below 40 in Minnesota today I think we’ve got a few more months before we’ll hear the birds chirping in the blue skies above.

“Baby Ate my Eightball” from Super Furry Animals' new cd “Hey Venus!”. You have been able to download it from iTunes since August, but the actual album is released this week (or rather the week this review was supposed to be submitted. shut up). So for those of us that buy the real thing and not the high-tech version, you can now purchase at your local record store. Regarding the ‘eightball’, my first thought would have been the game of pool. Now that my boyfriend runs a clean a sober housing that he started, my mind goes to that of cocaine and other drugs. Being one who hasn’t (really) partook in anything illegal, I don’t know (exactly) what an eightball consists of, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want any baby to eat one. All in all I really like this album. Each track flows into the next with ease and charm, blasting you with “The Gateway song” straight up - and ending with “Let the wolves howl at the moon”. Listening to the first and last track, you wouldn’t even guess they were from the same album or band. Playing the album as it was arranged like a piece of art you realize that these guys ain’t no dummies, regardless of impression their juvenile name gives you.

“I Dream of Marie Antoinette” from Love in October'’s new album “Pontus, The Devil, And Me.” I hate to be the party pooper here, but I’m not feeling the love of October that others are harboring. My ears don’t hear anything special about their tracks, lyrics, composition… with the exception of this song and “Viva la Revolución” . Perhaps the latter outshines the first by an inch, but I like the title of the chosen a bit more. It’s all in the name. Won’t be downloading this today, but I will keep it in the folder of “Is it just me that doesn’t believe the hype of this band or am I having a bad day?” for now.

“Deep this time” from Moe’s new album “Sticks and Stones”. I can see why my brother-in-law likes this band so much after listening to the teasers on iTunes. Just may have to sneak up on him (Le ) the next time Moe play at the Crystal. Honestly, I had a hard time picking the song to grace my list. Each track is potentially a hit for me. Unfortunately for all the true moe. fans out there, the Rolling Stone Magazine gave the album a fantastic review and nearly four stars so they may have a harder time hounding their favorite band. Sorry folks, but someone was bound to notice their talent!

“Freckles” from Natasha Bedingfield’s sophomore release “Pocketful of Sunshine”. It’s a cute song, and NOT because I have freckles everywhere (yep there too). Natasha is a very talented young lady. I loved her first album, no thanks to the radio killing my favorite tracks. Seeing that she was releasing a second album I was interested in hearing what vibe it would have. She performed on the Today Show with her song “Pocketful of Sunshine” and it was sweet. Unique and creative, not very many can touch her artistic ability to write and deliver music. She isn’t syrup sweet (Hilary Duff) yet buoyant enough to keep you going. Admittedly her hit “I love you I love you I love you” was a bit over the top, but the video was so cute that I forgave her. Simply put she is a happy person with a good life and she wants to share that with others. iTunes displays artists playlists weekly, and Natasha’s shows that she is a well rounded artist influenced by everyone from Frou Frou, Joni Mitchell, and Lauryn Hill. When one picks the obvious you see how one dimensional they really are. Ms Bedingfield has taste, and her music proves it: She loves freckles! Yay!

“Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” the new single from The Black Crowes. Next album due March 4th (around the corner!) called “Warpaint”. Serious blues and hard rock emerge from these rockstars, first record since 1999. Seems like Chris is over Kate leaving him for another man (which didn’t last so was it worth it Kate? Chris is HUGE and it’s thanks to you and your adulterous self that people like me are interested in hearing their new music.). Right on, Chris. You come out smelling like a rose (or similar) and Kate released a really bad movie this month. Fool (‘s Gold), Kate!!! Ah heck, I like her anyway.

“Miss Magnolia” from Matt Costa’s second album “Unfamiliar Faces”. My dear friend Elise shared Matt’s talent with me, of which I am grateful. Matt is half indie blues, half slam poetry, which really puts him smack in Veneta, Oregon. I’m pissed I am missing the fair this year due to a wedding I am required to go to. The bright side of the coin is that the wedding is in France and it’s my great friend Kendra. I will have to create my own country fair in Antrain, France. Perhaps I will pack my glittery horns and tie-die wings in honor of Matt’s new remarkable album…

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