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New Music Tuesday February 5th!

February 5th

“Shake a Fist” from Hot Chip’s new album “Made In The Dark”. Like I mentioned last blog, Hot Chip will be playing in Portland soon. Don’t be lazy. Go read that last blog I entered. I want to dance like children of the night (so I married an Axe Murderer) and shake a fist to this song. Hot Hot Chip. “Bendable Poseable” is a download must as well.

“Snakes and Ladders” from the Canadian songbird Basia Bulat’s debut album “Oh, My Darling”. Better late than never, you can see her tonight, Valentine’s Day (the day I am posting this blog. Oops) at the Doug Fir. She writes her own music, plays her own guitar, and obviously dresses herself, too. That was catty. I didn’t mean it. She seems like a sweet girl and is full of talent. I am not sure she is sparkling enough to make a dent in music history. Pretty voice and appealing songs, though. I’m just not that excited right now. Should I be? Tell me why and I will re-consider. Going on the shelf of “maybe later, if at all”.

“Stupid Now” from Bob Mould’s newly released album “District Line”. Bob has been in the music business about as long as I have been alive. Being a homosexual, it had to have been an honor to be the played lead guitar in the house band for the film “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. I hate to say this, but he should stick to playing lead guitar. This album is really not that bad, but for some reason I keep thinking he sounds like a county singer trying to play punk rock and it just isn’t flying. Now isn’t that stupid…

“Out of Time” from Jason Collett’s new album “Here’s To Being Here” Cheers to that. You will be humming along to this tune the first time you hear it, even thought they totally stole the ‘ohh oohh oohh’s” from “Emotional Rescue” by the Stones. I forgive them. Their other songs on this album are really fine, too. He changes it up so you don’t get bored as a listener. Way to be creative, Jase!

“The Queen of All Returns” from Dead Meadow’s new album “Old Growth”. Not 100% impressed with this space rock group. I get irritated when I can’t understand the lyrics. I feel like the lead singer ( ) is pulling a Jessica Simpson and mumbling his way through the songs, and all you hear is moaning and droaning. I picked the Queen cuz it the snippit didn’t have any singing, just great instrumental jamming. High energy and oomph in comparison to the rest of the album. The songs are really good, I just don’t like the way Jason Simon sings. Diction, Jason, Diction!!! Drink a Viso (support your local goods) and get with it!

“Devil Tricks for a Bitch” from Lightspeed Champion’s new album “Falling Off The Lavender Bridge”. You know when you hear a band and you know they would be really awesome live? Lightspeed ahead, baby. This song is probably the coolest song I’ve heard in a long time. The strings throughout the song are wonderful like a lullaby with simple yet poignant lyrics that turn that frown upside down. This is the bands debut album, and it’s a winner.

“Whose Authority” from Nada Surf ‘s new album “Lucky”. Nada Surf is a real different group for me. Not ga ga over them, but enjoy their ’96 album “High/Low” very much. They will be playing in Portland at the Crystal on March 26th. Should be a good show, if you can fork over the $17 for a exceptional band that’s easy on the ears.

“When you Forget” from Kelley Stoltz’s new album “Circular Sounds”. Tremendous song writer since the mid ninties… and the lucky SOB interned for Jeff Buckley as a fan letter sorter. Lucky! (to be said Napoleon style). What a fun album. I’m very ecstatic to have discovered him. “To Speak to the girl” and Tintinnabulation” will be coming your way on a mix cd shortly. Since Anne is my only reader, this is a promise! It’s a big possibility I will need to download more and more of Kelley so you better get used to it.

“Diamond Ring” from Sheryl Crow’s new masterpiece “Detours”. Perhaps the best Sheryl I have ever heard. Very impressed. So happy I bought it at Starbucks this week. Each track is so authentic and real. “Drunk with the thought of you” doesn’t even sound like her, so much soul… “Love is Free” is right on the mark. I picked Diamond Ring for many reasons. Weddings in the air (not mine thank gawd), those that want to be married, those who want to be in a relationship, and my thoughts on the whole enchilada are rapped up in one with this song. Sheryl belts out that diamond rings don’t mean anything… It’s a very dramatic and sad song all at once, yet you feel like she is getting closure (Armstrong relationship). It won’t be one worn out on the airwaves, so you’ll have to buy the album to hear it, I think. Or have me as a friend and I burn it all for you. Congrats Sheryl. My favorite album of yours.

“Hope” from Jack Johnson’s new album “Sleep Through The Static”. I only know one person who doesn’t like Jack. I understand why… he is a bit Reading Rainbow for my taste as well. However, you can’t argue that he has something about him that sparkles. This song “Hope” is delightful and amusing enough for the masses, and for myself. I think my problem with him is that he sounds the same in every song. Sort of monotone (but pleasant) and lack of emotion (but sweet). Even the front of the cd shoes him sitting on his ass singing while strumming the guitar, like he can’t muster the energy to stand and shake his booty while plucking the strings. I think I’d fall asleep if I ever heard him live. Just one of those things.

“Love Revolution” from Lenny Kravitz’s new album “It Is Time For A Love Revolution”. Am I aloud to like an artist simply because he’s hot? Thanks, cuz that would be the only reason why I like this album. His guitar playing is out of this world, very talented chap. Saw him (hoooooootttttt) open for Aerosmith (effin amazing show) back in 2005, and he didn’t disappoint me in the least. There are a handful of his songs I absolutely love (Lady, American Woman, Fly Away) but on the whole too much Lenny isn’t good for my ears. Lenny on shuffle with 8000 other songs is where I prefer him. “Love Revolution” will definitely be a pert of the pod mix, but I haven’t decided if I need this album yet. I will probably break down and purchase it during one of my weak moments in the future. We’ll see.

“Je fais la planche” from k.d. lang’s new album “Watershed”. I love kd lang, and no I am not gay. She as such a sexy voice. Her version of “Halleluiah” live is on this album and it’s exactly how this song should be sang: with passion, feeling, fervor if you will. Yes I already purchased this album as well. She wrote every song (except Halleluiah) on the record. Each one shows off her tone of voice magnificently. I haven’t been disappointed in any of her albums in the past (favorite is still Ingenue), plus her duet with Roy Orbison is one of my favorites, and her version of “Skylark” from the soundtrack “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” is mesmerizing. I could play it on repeat for a whole day. Can’t wait to get into this cd, it’s only been two days since I’ve had it.

“Rockist Pt.4.” from School of Language's first ever album “Sea from Shore”. Playing locally at the Towne Lounge March 20th, which I would send you the link to but apparently the Towne Lounge only likes to display the current month’s shows and nothing about their future (or past, for that matter). Lame. Anyway, you can see where the School of Language is playing on their MySpace page. From the UK, the bands’ sound is fun even though the titles of their tracks are a bit depressing (“Disappointment of ’99”, “Poor Boy”, “Tear me Apart”, “No Control” - see I wasn’t kidding!). I hope I hear more of School of Language in the future. We will see!

“Chains” from Sons & Daughters new album “This Gift”. All I have to say about these cheeky Brits is described in the following quote from their MySpace page:
"If this doesn’t get you dancing like Uma in Pulp Fiction and fishing out the slut red lippy, then call me Bella Bogroll and shit in my lap. Abrasive, dark and sexy like a lady assassin, Gilt Complex is quite possibly one of the most perfectly constructed singles of the year. It should happily bitchslap Kate Nash right off her foundations."

And they are playing at a stage near you: Doug Fir April 5th with Bodies of Water (reviewed them January 22nd blog.)

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