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New Music Tuesday February 14, 2012

New music for Valentines Day. Enjoy

Say Goodbye from Amos Lee's new EP As the Crow Flies.
This is a sadly appropriate for my Valentines Day.  I had to say good bye to my Aunt Lady.
She would have loved this song however.  The picking of the guitar would get her grooving, and her spirituality matches the lyrics.  Amos Lee is soulful like that, which is why so many Greats have had him open their shows.  I keep missing his performances at the Oregon Zoo. One of these days I WILL see Amos live.  and request his song Sweet Pea.

Parted Ways from Heartless Bastards 4th album Arrow.
I heard these guys late sunday night 2/12 on OPB Radio and made a mental note of the time (10:30ish) so I could look it up on the website the next day. I had to know who was singing. And they played back to back another Bastard song 'Got to have rock and roll'. Bastards are a little country and a little blues. I need more of their music. I abslutely recommend this band. And I am going to beg my boss for tickets to see them at the Aladdin April 8th. Just listen to them and tell me what you think. I don't care. I am in love and you can't sway me. I've already downloaded the two mentioned tracks.

Don't get married without me from Punch Brothers 3rd album Who's feeling young now?
These guys could also name their band Poor Bastards (to follow the Heartless Bastards)... They formed the band after all having broken hearts. They've been playing since 2006, and by the titles of their songs No Concern of Yours, Patchwork Girlfriend, and my pick, I don't think they have recovered yet. So why not release an album on the holiday of love? These guys are not droning or boring or whiney one bit. They sing like they are on stage with Charlie Chaplin at your County Fair in 1917. I am probably going to do more research and downloading of these boys. They know how to pick themselves up. Or atleast entertain...

It All Feels the Same from Tennis's second album Young and Old
Husband and Wife duo, and Wife has a beautiful voice. Their first album was a smash hit even though I have never heard of Tennis. I mean, I had lessons when I was 7 but I'm left handed and just felt turned around... Tennis has a nice 50s hawaii sound but not selling me completely on their incoming tidal waves... Pleasant enough though. The dup met in college, got married, sailed around the world, and started a band. What's not to love about that story?!

Cherokee Werewolf from Howlin Rain's 3rd album Russian Wilds
Blues rock n roll baby. Pretty original sound form these Franciscans. I'd listen to a tune or two, but a little hairband blues for me to earmark for future purchasing.

Same difference from Amoral's 5th album Beneath
This Finnish Band have been strumming since '97. I actually chuckled while listening to Amoral. Fantastic voice, rocker unique like Rush's Geddy Lee. I'd probably go see this band live... After all I enjoyed the Rush concert immensely.

Hallways from Islands new album A Sleep & a Forgetting
I heard them play on OPB Radio sunday night as well, and oh what fun. I almost got out of bed and started dancing. Keeping an eye out for this bands future projects. Also am highly considering going to Mississippi Studios March 11th. Listen and dare you to not shake the booty.

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