Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Music Tuesday February 7th

Got some new favorites this week! And some concerts I'd like to go to... on that note, enjoy.

Caught me Thinking - from Bahamas 2nd album album Barchords
Afie Jurvanen, a Canadian folk rocker, is Feist’s touring guitarist. He names hus one man show Bahamas. This is a wonderful mix of smooth indie rock and just enough twang I thought MWard was only capable of portraying. I hope he continues to record and explore on his own, I will follow. Relaxing, motivating, easy push, changing the assumed direction of this song. Instrumentally stunning.

Fatty Boom Boom from Die Antwoords 2nd album Ten$ion
Yipes the album cover scares the crap out of me.

Getting over that, this band is nothing like I've ever seen, heard, known. On Letterman (2/6) they blew me away with 'I fink u freaky'. My mouth didn't close the whole time. Holy crap. Truly unique. I'm not prone to be drawn to hip hop, but Die Antwoord are so much more than that. Those intelligent South Africans from Cape Town... Wow. Savvy designer Alexander Wang collaborated with them for his Spring 2012 ad. Please watch. You can hear them live at the Roseland 2/18.

How long must I wait from Dr. Dogs 7th album Be The Void
Dr Dog isn't hip hop? Oh. I found myself bopping along to this song, wanting to take a stroll in the neighborhood, not wanting it to end.

Be still from The Frays 3rd album Scars & Stories
Early 90s Brian Adams-ish song, less cheesy but definitely ballad worthy during a love scene of an adventure movie. One of my dreams is to create soundtrack for movies. The Fray have the perfect sound for this goal with the perfect piano solos, picking up on the drums, they work beautifully as a band. And I'm not sorry to say no matter how many times I've heard 'How to save a life' I'm not sick of it. Well done The Fray.
Perhaps I'll see you 2/22 at the Crystal.

You can count on me from Ben Kwellers 5th album Go Fly A Kite
Road trip to Eugene? Buy this album. Peppy soft rock (not comparing to the Carpenters, read AIR review below) gonna move you down 1-5 before you know it. Each track can stand on its own, not repeating post or prior, just perfect as a collection. Well thought out and structured. Too much fun, Gossip and Full Circle are download worthy to dance to.
Ben will be at the Wonder Ballroom 4/27.

Dour Percentage from Of Montreal's new album Paralytic Stalks
I would love to listen to them live. Especially at the Crystal with Anne.
I'll try to get us tickets, if you're in 3/23 Anne. Their sauciness is contagious. They've been around since '96 and this is their 11th album, which equally surprised me. They really like to let loose on their albums, exploring with instruments and vocals. Keep it ouuta the box boys.

Onwards to the wall from A Place To Bury Strangers new Onwards to the Wall EP
If the Breakfast Club had snorted coke rather than smoked weed, this song would have been playing during the library jam/dance sequence. They are considered to be the loudest band in NYC yet have signed with Mute Records (well I chuckled).

Parade from AIRs new album Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Hey Mr Roboto! You have competition!
This is AIRs 7th album (since '95), band name meaning Amour Imagination Reve (dream). The French album title translated into Anglais means 'Trip to the Moon' inspired by the 1906 silent movie. If you haven't heard of Air, but seen any of the following Sofia films Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, or Lost in Translation, then their sound will be familiar to you since they recorded all 3 soundtracks.
And as promised, here are the 6 degrees of separation with Neil Diamond and AIR:
As previously stated, AIR donned the soundtrack Virgin Suicides, whom Todd Rundgren was also. Todd worked with and was heavily influenced by the late Laura Nyros, who's best selling single was 'Up on the Roof', which Neil Diamond also recorded and even named an album after. There you go. Also I'd like to collaborate AIR and Neils songs into one: 'Sing Sang Sung Song Blue'.
Thank you.

Bleeding Muddy Water from Mark Lanegans album Blues Funeral
Grew up in Ellensburg WA and has been playing since '85. Yet this is only Marks 7th album. Love the album cover.

Deep raspy voice, love the tone. And love the lyrics 'if tears were liquor, I'd drunk myself sick' (from St Louis Elegy). This is definitely not an album to listen to teetering off the edge. Happy Fucking Valentines day.

Palace Chalice from Mux Mools album Planet High School
This DJ from NYC has recorded his 2nd album since '06. Has a fancy name.
This is all electronic, but pleasant enough I can see it being played at an art show
Or simply background music while producing art. But I'd never go hear it live, unless I was on E.

Movement 2 by Pretty Good Dance Moves album LIMO
This is the duo's debut album, and have included Sabina from the Brazilian Girls. This is all I need to know in order to want to hear more. And can't you hear Will Ferrel say 'Nice moves. You have some nice moves'....

Empire from Rococodes new EP Guns, Sex, and Glory
Another debut album this week, these Canadians are half Tegan and Sara members. Guess they nailed all topics with the album title, eh? Unfortunately I feel like this sounds too familiar and not moving me.

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