Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Music Tuesday January 31st!

what a way to end the first month of 2012... Arresting.

My Lady and Myself from Fred Hammond"s latest album God, Love & Romance
Since 1985, Fred has been e-z sharing God's word with his fans. He's a Grammy winner for his Gospel style R&B. He says no one sings about the word of Solomon, so he is spreading the word of love (not lust). Hey, if she's my baby, and I don't mean maybe, keep on keepin on, Hammond. Yeah! (Much more relatable than church...)

Darkness from Leonard Cohen's 12th studio album Old Ideas
This 77yr old Canadian poet could record his voice reading the dictionary and people would buy it. The guy wrote Hallelujah for Pete's sake. He is behind many hits for many people. I love that he is still writing. Thank you, Mr Cohen.

Libra Man from Islets new album Illuminated People
My only qualm with Islet (actually I have 2) are these: Some of their tracks are a little droning, and all Wikipedia would give me is that an islet is a very small island. When I finally did find information on this band, I realized why it was such a gosh darn treasure hunt. They do things on their own terms, this trio. Not into the online social media scene, but they do have what they refer to as a 'fanzine', PAPER band promotion newsletter. And according to the article, they even tie the articles individually with ribbon. My favorite piece of edumication of Islets was that the band member Mark works with disabled kids , and as they are locked in their bodies, he wants to take advantage of not feeling restrained. Therefore Mark and the rest of the Islets have regular day jobs and use Islet to play. And play they do.

Holus-Bolus from Errors 3rd album Have Some Faith In Magic
This Scottish band has been touring with Mogwai (Wonder Ballroom, 5/30), has played at South by Southwest, and I have just one word to describe Errors: Electro Synthe Magnetic Musical Sounds.

North Star Lover from Fionn Regan's new album 100 Acres of Sycamore
This lil gem has been crooning since 2003, I just absolutely love every song I reviewed from this album.
Has been compared to Neil Young and Bob Dylan, but I think Fionn is a softer artist. One of several I will be downloading from this list. Oh and love his album artwork:

Paranormic Corporate Lobby Shots from The Golden Calves album Collection: Money Band + Century
Bizare psychadelic free-jazz punk band jamming since '96. Not a whole lot of information about these guys (got some really weird shit when googling their name) ..... I also liked the track The Haunted Cabaret of Nordic Nymphs. Ok yes probably because of the name.

East Berlin from One Model Nations album Total Werks Vol. 1 (1969-1977)
Courtney Taylor-Taylor of Portland's Dandy Warhols has created a character/persona with One Model Nation, including a graphic novel. David Bowies stunt double has some pent up German anger, wanting to recreate the revolution. They had a signing at Music Millennium January 31st... which I obviously didn't go to. But One Model Nation does match the power it is trying to sell, and could have been in the Inglorious Bastard soundtrack. Das boot.

Hesperus Garden from Pepe Deluxes album Queen of the Wave
Tell me, does an esoteric pop opera in 3 parts grab your attention? What about being diverse enough to work on remixes with both Tom Jones and Eminem? This Finnish band has also been playing with the big boys since '96. The best way I can escribe the feeling of this album for me is Shirley Bassey luau in 1969.

Gold Rush 1 and 2 from The Asteroids Galaxy Tours latest album Out of Frequency
Perhaps my favorite of the bunch this week. Only these Danes 2nd album, however they have donned thier music on Madmen, Apple commercials, and Heineken ads. Amy Winehouse heard their demo and asked them to tour with her (which would have been a show to remember for a lifetime). The only thing missing from this video are the roller skates. I am pretty sure this is the first album I have wanted to review each and every song in anticipation of what they have created.

Sugar from The Big Sleep - Nature Experiments
Wikipedia called this band 'shoegazers'. No, I havnet heard of this genre. The Big Sleep don't sound sleepy... In fact I'll probably download some of their music. They have that Sonic Youth and Cure flavor.

The Island from The Doozers new album Keep It Together
Oh please watch this video. Did they borrow Ken and Barbies furnature from '85 and The Beattles animation from their videos? I'm going to suggest this song to Sesame Street, and oddly that isn't a bad thing! Oh, and Doozers who don't do become a Fraggle.

The Unknown faces of Father James Park from The Phenomenal Handclap Band's 3rd album Following
The bands website is so lovely. The video to this track is, well, about peer pressure and drugs. I'm torn between hating this and intrigued.

Aretha from Rumor's debut album Seasons of my soul
She's a lovely woman, just watch the interview from Sunday Morning January 29th. Thanks to Karin for introducing me to such a wonderful artist. Awe- inspiring jaw dropping with Manilows handiwork laced into a few of her songs. Don't let that fool you into thinking Rumor isn't a songwriter herself.

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