Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Music Tuesday October 2nd!

This week is chalk full of talent. ENJOY.

Something more Beautiful from  Beth Orton's 5th album Sugaring Season
From UK, Beth is a folk singer songwriter started in 1993.  She recorded this album in my very own town of Portland Oregon! She cries her name, your name, and mine. And will Live at the Wonder Ballroom October 7th.

Survivor from Muse's 6th album The 2nd Law
"christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, with some ambient rebellious dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia" as described by lead singer Matthew Bellamy. From the UK, I've been pining for new releases from this band.  They started in 1994, and have won many awards, Grammys included.   I've had the pleasure of hearing Muse live and was incredibly surprised at how much I loved them. Sometimes a loud band is hard to enjoy in an arena.  Not true.  Apparently Celine Dion wanted to name her show in Vegas 'Muse' and Muse wouldn't let her, even after the money offer of $50,000 they refused on the grounds they didn't want their fans to think they were her supporting band for her show. Hahahahahahahahaha...   I feel this new album could be played in its entirety with the movie The Neverending Story.  I am leaving this up to you to decide if this is magical or not. 

You know - I know everythings made for love from Diana Krall's 11th album Glad Rag Doll
This Canadian chanteuse is an incredible jazz pianist, vocalist, and is married to Elvis Costello.  Musically they completely different, but I love that they are together.  They even got married at Elton Johns estate.  Sweet jesus.  I own Kralls Live in Paris dvd, and love to put it in while I'm cooking.  With the exception about maybe 2, I think I own all of her albums.  So to say I'm excited about this release is an understatement.  She has won more than Grammys and Junos to me. 

Cry for Judas from Mountain Goat's 14th album Transcendental Youth
To quote the band, "The album focuses on outcasts, recluses, the mentally ill, and others struggling in ordinary society".  Well Occupy THIS, world!  This indie rock band started in California in '91.  I must admit I was completely thrown when I reviewed this album.   They brought in their horn section, drum solos, voices shaking and messages are being made.  OCCUPY!  In all seriousness I will be downloading most of this album.  They will be at the Aladdin Theater December 16th. 

Midnight Feast from John Cale's album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood
Feeling dumb, I had never heard of Wales born John Cale before this week. Apparently he was in Velvet Underground with Lou Reed.  Hating to sound petty, my favorite fact about John isn't Velvet Underground, it is the fact that he was married to Betsey Johnson for a minute.  LUCKY.  John has overcome rape, addiction, and other hardships and is still alive, recording music.  Inspiring at 65, thanks John.  Xoxo

Wonder from Matt and Kims album Lightning
Starting off with an excerpt from Wikipedia: "The video for 'Lessons Learned', in which the duo strips nude in Times Square, was shot in February 2009. On September 13, 2009, Matt & Kim won the Breakthrough Video award for 'Lessons Learned' at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards."
Ok. So with that, this indie rock duo is from Brooklyn and started in 2005.  They LOVE to repeat themselves in their songs, like NOW NOW NOW NOW or TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT.  I am surprised they aren't named Matt and Kim and Matt and Kim and Matt and Kim and Matt and Kim...

The March of Merrillville. Robert Pollard's album Jack Sells the Cow
In the band Guided By Voices, he's a rocker from Ohio and has released a solo album earlier this year (4/3/12).  Huh? 

Programmable soda from Tori Amos's 13th album Gold Dust
When I had the fortunate experience to see Tori live, she was breathtaking.  Her and that piano captivated the room in silence.  I even became quite fond of her opening act, Jude, who to this day his song "I Do" makes me cry.   Band to Myra Allen Amos, she is from North Carolina and emerged to the music scene in 1979. She cofound RAINN, a nonprofit for rape victims, after she herself confronted her own demons.  Singing about them with Unlock the Silence I'm sure was therapeutic.  My favorite song by Tori, because I KNOW you are just foaming to know, is Raspberry Swirl.  I have one problem with her music in that it can be so haunting and unnerving I can't handle it.  Like her whole discography could be played during a paranormal documentary.

Pagan Heart from Van Morrison's 34th album Born to Sing No Plan B
I wanna know how I didn't know he is from Ireland? Now you know, George Ivan Morrison started in the music scene in 1958.  Yes, 1958.  He was a teenager, but it was still 1958.  I'm also in the dark that he wrote Wild Night.  What kindred spirits me to Van is that his inspirations to music were Lead Belly, Solomon Burke, and Ray Charles.   A track most of his fans may not have heard is his contribution to the soundtrack French Kiss 'Someone Like You'.  Lovely.  This track I picked from his album is old school blues that would make Burke, Belly, and Charles proud. 

It wont be long til not wrong anymore from Wallflowers 6th album Glad all over
From LA, this band has been playing music since 1989!  I'm surprised too. Jacob Dylan, son of John, has been heading the band to Grammy awards etc.  However that all happened in 1998.  And somehow this one hit wonder band of 'One Headlight' fame has made a greatest hits album. Whaa?  One cool tidbit is they are the first band to record a live album at Alcatraz.  Should someone tell them they aren't Johnny Cash and the prison closed in 1963? Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed this album, and this track, quite a bit. 

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