Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Music January 17th, 2012

This is a wonderful week chalk full of unfamiliar artists for me to enjoy. They aren't all just arriving on the block, but I am certainly excited for the new blood.

Promiscuity by Ani DiFranco from her new album Which Side Are You On?
I love this album. I love everything about it. The album title - really. What side are we all on? What makes music so wonderfully beautiful and powerful is the individuals interpretation can vary drastically. Ani has been entertaining me for some time now, and I have to say I was definitely excited to see she released a new album. Her website let's you listen to snippets of all of the songs on her album. Ani's band is equally as bold as she is.

Know Me- a single by Frankie Rose
She is releasing an album called Interstellar on February 24th of this year. According to Pitchfork, she's the best of the New Year thus far. Reading about her, Frankie Rose is described as 80s Pop, which made me cringe. However, she sounds like Enya and the Bangles had a baby. I love it. I'm interested in hearing what else she has to say. To be continued in February...

Comedian chameleon from Kathleen Edwards new album Voyageur
Another songstress that's caught the eye of many. NPR doesn't rave about just anyone. I had never heard of her til this week. Educating myself on Ms Edwards I learn she's Canadian, this is her 4th album, she's married to Bon Ivers Justin Vernan, didn't go to college, and Wikipedia compares her to Suzanne Vega meets Neil Young. My Neil experience at the Arlene Schnitzer, Mr Young was solo on stage surrounded by a plethora of guitars. Yes, I can absolutely picture Kathleen taking this scenario, making it her own by showing off her prowess as a violinist. I had a hard time choosing one song, I also enjoyed Change the Sheets quite a bit. Looks likes she's taking Radioheads cue and skipping Portland on her 2012 tour, perhaps she'll pull a Neil Diamond and announce it a month before just to keep their fans at the edge of their cliff seat.

Matthew Dear - Headcage EP.
The microhouse of Texas (seriously I can't make this up). I have to say the Texan electro pop artist has got something going on. Its like getting a country singer out of the Bronx. How does it happen? Matthews 5th album Beams is to be released later this year. If you're susceptible to seizures don't watch the video for this song. I like Matthew Dear and will be watching for Beams.

Dancer from Jessie Baylin's new album Little Spark
Another female soloist I haven't heard of prior to Jan 17. Jessie gives props to Streisand and Garland for their fearless ways. I very much enjoy this girl. A little Emmylou, the Jersey Nashville LA lady sounds well rounded and knows what she wants. Love that she writes music. She will be playing at the Doug Fir January 26th. You can judge for yourself.

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