Friday, January 6, 2012

Portland culture January 6th

Just a few tidbits that caught my eye while reading and riding this week:

First and foremost - Portlandia premieres its second season tonight. The good natured McMenamins Brothers will be hosting a free viewing party at Mission theater tonight at 7pm and 10pm. Also Hollywood Theater will be playing Portlandia at 10pm tonight as well. I have yet to see this show, but I will put a bird on it as I please.

Another time pressing piece of info, this Monday January 9th there is a karaoke contest. Not just ANY contest, mind you. Karaoke. What makes this so special? It involves you rollerskating at Oaks Park.

That's right. Skat-a-roke. For $50 you can have a private lesson, a tee shirt, and enter the contest. Here's my vote: ME
I have these tights on today. Just need the wig and skirt.

If you can't get passed the year 1987, this weekend is gonna treat you right. Raising Arizona is playing at Kiggens theater at 6:30 and 9pm tonight and Saturday, and Full Metal Jacket is playing at the 5th Avenue Cinema at 7 and 9:30 tonight and Saturday, and 3pm Sunday.

I am stoked that Dolly Parton is in a movie this month, opening January 13th. Joyful Noise . (also starring Queen Latifa and Kris Kristofferson). I'll be first in line... ish.

Another great has a tv show premiering February 6th: Angelica Houston! In: Smash. I'm a sucker for musicals. And seeing Angelica on a weekly basis would be grand, no?

Next up in February:


Someone pointed out to me his video from the 80s shows him playing alone in an empty theater. Needing confirmation, youtube provided proof. Is he still waiting right there for you? Wow. At least he got a hair cut.


Is my old religion teacher from Valley Catholic a singer now? He flunked me for calling him Phil Collins. His real name is Paul Collins. And a Paul Collins is performing at the Star Theater on March 3rd. Surely there aren't two Pauls... We will see. If a guy wearing a bowtie, a short-sleeved white button up, and black pants struts on stage carrying a bible and a pompous grin, thank him for me.

Last but not least, March 31st at the Wonder Ballroom, the oh so talented Donovan Frankenreither will be performing. I am not a fan of this venue so I will probably not attend, but I still wanted to mention his up coming performance. He has a laid back presence to his music, probably because he's a California surfer-boy.

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