Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Music Tuesday January 10, 2012

Give me that old time religion by Charlie Haden and Hank Jones from a new collaboration Come Sunday.
"Renowned jazz bassist Charlie Haden and the late pianist Hank Jones recorded this album in 2010, just a few months prior to Jones’s death at age 91" so it says on the net. Well they just released it for you and me. The songs are stripped down and simple on this album, gospel folk and a little Christmas. I'm not sure who their PR rep is but I'd fire them. Release an album with Christmas songs January 10th? And it's not like they recorded it last week.... ok. With that said, this album reminds me of music class at St Pius. Just the piano and the Lord. Hallelujah.

Lovesick Blues by The Little Willies from their new album For The Good Times.
I heard them live on Letterman Tuesday (1/10) and they still managed to make me stir. (I really don't like to judge by live performance viewing only).
If you don't know, the Little Willies are a country-jazz band lead by Norah Jones. I truly prefer Norah is at her element with this band. I've heard her sing Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton, and she just seems so comfortable in this genre. This is the bands second album (1st was in '06) and I'm just tickled they are continuing to make music together. See for yourself in this lil ditty: LOVESICK BLUES

Closer I Get (Feat. John Popper) by Rebelution from their (4th) new album Peace Of Mind.
As I had never heard of this band prior to this week, I was curious about this Cali 'reggae' band. Googling the tracks to hear what the internet would allow, I was they collaborate with John Popper of Blues Travelers fame. He doesn't come in to play til pretty late into the song, but the harmonica does blow at last, and I smiled. As for Rebelution, I wouldn't say they are strictly reggae... I am a fan.

Cocaine by Red Wanting Blue from their album From The Vanishing Point.
At first I thought every song sounded the same til I listened to the lyrics to this one. –

I don't wanna get clean
'Cause I know what that means
It's something I just can't take
You call me an addict
But you don't know what kind of hard habit you are to break

You can call it cheesy or whatever you want, but addiction is a bad penny that never goes away. Even if you follow the suggestions.
The most powerful artform of addiction I've heard/seen is from so you think you can dance
A review of Red Wanting Blue compared them to Nickelback, and I disagree. I would never have listened to as much as I did if they sounded like that band. No no no. Matchbox 20? Yes, a little... And I forget how much I liked that band til like the other day, a song of theirs plays on the radio and you just want to stand outside while she hands you a raincoat...

Fix Me from Joyful Noise Soundtrack.
I have already expressed my excitement for the release of this movie/soundtrack/cast because Dolly isn’t on the silver screen that often anymore. I tried to stay up to listen to her on Letterman last night (1/11) but was too zapped. I was told she was adorable. Damn. This song Fix Me is a gospel song, a bit of a colored twist from Coldplays Fix You (which I cry every time I hear). It’s beautiful, soulful. And may I just add a personal opinion of the title of this movie? It seems awfully like Neil Diamond could have written this script. That noise, coming up from the streets. It’s got a beautiful sound. It’s got a beautiful beat. ..

A Forest (For Invisible Children) by Bat for Lashes
Ok this single from Bat for Lashes gave me the goosebumps. I really like this band, but Natasha Khan is a little to 'dream pop' for me. I would absolutely see (and pay) her sing live. Please listen.
I wonder when she will produce a whole new record? Or tour here in Portland?

T. Williams - Heartbeat (Paul Woolford Remix) [Local Action] from Brodinskis new album Fabriclive 60.
The damned French make everything cool, don't they? Even his Facebook says he's the seductive side of techno. I couldn't agree more. I usually don't take to techno like I did with Brodinski. He remixes music. What else can I say. Please view the links... one is a sample sound of his EP, and the other is a video that blows nature videos out of the water. How does he do it? Probably all that pastis intake.

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