Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Music January 3rd 2012

Great start to the year 2012. Enjoy.

Doughnuts for a Snowman by Guided By Voices latest album Let's Go Eat The Factory
Their first albm in 15 years. Did anyone else miss them? Well they sound like they sang the theme song for FRIENDS... so if you like that sort of thing... I do.
They have a really nice late 90's band sound (like Semisonic, Hootie and the Blowfish, or the Gin Blossoms. Hey - if I can understand the lyrics and they aren't calling women a bunch of hoes and bitches, I'll give ya a chance.
High standards huh. I like the guitar licks from their song Laundry and Lasers, What I look for in music is something that motivates me, speaks to my emotions, walks hand in hand with how I am feeling, or takes me out of a funk. Guided by Voices doesn't provide any of these needs... but I could find myself enjoying their music in the background while working. Just like any late 90's band I suppose. I can say their tracks don't sound like the same song over and over with different words. This is a huge plus. I like the lead singer Robert Pollard's solo music better. Let him have free reign, Guided by Voices, and you just might make it. After I wrote this review I saw them perform on Letterman, and they sounded loud, incoherent, out of practice, out of tune, no charisma, it took a lot of inner poise to not turn the channel or press mute. The performance ruined any hope I had been guided with from the snippets I listened to online. Maybe the problem with being guided by voices is that the guide rotates daily so you never know what direction you'll be headed to next. Yikes...

Kill for love from The Chromatics new album Kill For Love.
A band from my very own Portland, Oregon. Been together since 2001, I wouldn't be surprised if I have seen them at Ohm or LaLuna (which are now both closed, respectively). Synthetic sound, nice female frontman voice, and who wouldn't kill for love? Perhaps part of why I haven't heard of them is that they have a hard time keeping the same band members... I'm smelling a little Melrose Place here. I really like Ruth's voice and hope she sticks with the Chromatics. I can't find when their next show is, but seeing they have just released this album, I'm sure it will be around your corner soon... THIS JUST IN: Read the Portland Mercury today and saw that Chromatics are playing at the Rotture (prevoiusly the Meow Meow, 315 SE 3rd) on Saturday January 14th. Good thing I have a keen eye for these things. Geesh.

It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing from Jimmy Owens album Monk Project
A Trumpeter born in '43, this album is a tribute to the late composer Thelonious Monk. Working, if only temprary, in a piano store, I love to educate myself on the great piano composers of all time. I learned that after Duke Ellington, Thelonious is the most recorded Jazz composer. I could listen to 'Round Midnight and never tire of it. Why did give up taking piano when I was 13? Damn. Never too late. Lovely Project here Mr Owens.

There goes my Everything from Elvis, a collection of Elvis Country songs.
The man can sing. I have a Elvis gospel double album which is stunning in itself. This isn't your run of the mill country collection. This is an obscure collection of songs even I haven't heard of. And that's, well, unheard of.

Only Tuesday from Jodi Arlyn - Stars up on the Ceiling. This is Jodis album debut. She's been pushing her dream to succeed in New York City and is finally releasing her first album. Jodis voice is a lovely and matured. She doesn't try too hard, no doo wops or cheesy humming. Her band introduces her in this song with white gloves, carefully tapping the drums as they vibrate into my headphones preparing me to listen to her story. The songs short, controlling the listener to not get antsy or bored by typical songwriter repetitious blues. I picked this song because I have lived this Tuesday. I'm sure everyone has. I hope she gets what she wants from this album.

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Jodi A said...

Aubrey! Thanks SO much for your comments!! I just discovered a new search tool (specifically for social media) and decided to see if anyone was "talking" about me (heh)...and found your review of my album. I'm so thrilled that you heard something in my songs that spoke to you... Many thanks for your nice words.

I'd love to send you an actual copy of the CD. Please email me ( so I can get your mailing address!

All best to you in 2012... -jodi